These beautiful animal portraits are a moment captured in time forever, with particular attention to likeness and fine detail. Josie’s prime concern is always to capture the essence of the subject. Simply provide us with a good quality coloured photograph or if this is a problem allow us to take one for you if you live with in a reasonable distance from the studio. Below are just a small sample of work that has been commissioned.

For pricing please refer to the information at the bottom of the page.

Below you’ll find prices for some standard-sized portraits with a plain background. Portraits are supplied unframed. For a custom quote for an irregular or larger size or for a whole body portrait rather than head and shoulders/upper body, please get in touch.

Adding background detail will cost a bit extra but I will need to discuss this with you in order to give you a quote. All prices are VAT inclusive, and in the event of any price rise, the price listed at the time the portrait was commissioned will always be honoured.


One subject, head and shoulders£450.00 mounted and framed in Josie’s signature white framing.

Two subjects, head and shoulders£550.00 mounted and framed in Josie’s signature white framing.

Three subjects, head and shoulders£650.00 mounted and framed in Josie’s signature white framing.

Please note that a small deposit will be required.

Each figure is approximately 8×6 inches, this of coarse could vary slightly depending on the subject.