A Foundation Workbook for Painting with Oil/Wax Pencil.

It became glaringly obvious to Josie that a great many of her students that were completely new to oil/wax pencil painting had nothing to show them the way. Once they were working without her guidance they quickly became disorientated. The simplest of tasks became huge.

With this in mind ‘No Lines, Edges Only’ was written. An accumulation of student input over many years provided her with the problems that artists faced when learning this technique. The book is set out in a very reader friendly way and makes no assumptions.

This learned technique should be followed in a structured and disciplined method in the beginning to educate the artist in such a way that many problems can be avoided with ease.

Following progressive levels the book guides the reader in such a way to make the whole process enjoyable. Step by step photographs and colour charts are included to simplify the early stages. A small gallery is included at the back of the book to demonstrate the versatility of this medium.

Once confidence starts to develop the options with this wonderful medium, painting with oil/wax pencil is endless, until that time I will hold the hand of the artist through No Lines, Edges Only.

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