Josie White

Botanical &
Portrait Artist

What a wonderful age of development we live in
technological advances have transformed art and prints.

“I have been an artist of some description for as long as I can remember and my first infatuation was with graphite pencil. I still don’t know what attracted me, but I’ve always loved the feel of real paper and felt an almost irresistible need to put pencil to paper.

Coloured pencils have developed beyond recognition in that time and have now become as valuable as any other medium. The vast leaps in colour light fastness and archival ability have given us the means to create works of art of a quality equal to any other medium.

Colours are bright and true and can now last hundreds of years, just like the Old Masters’ works in oil. No longer a second class medium, the correct pencils are very exciting to work with. They require a technique all of their own of course, which must be mastered – and as with all things, continually honed.

If you share my passion for the exquisite details of the beauty of nature, I hope you will enjoy my images.”

Josie White


“Great art requires accuracy, without exception, to all aspects of natures beauty. There is no license to stray. My particular attention to detail together with my individual style.”

Josie White


I am confident that if my life stopped here and now my epitaph would read:

Striving for perfection!

Fine detail requires hours of painstaking attention and fortunately a strong work ethic has been with me all my life – whatever I have achieved so far has been through hard work. The journey we take has a great influence on who we are …


Commissioning a portrait

When you commission a portrait we’ll have a chat to find out exactly what you are looking for, and I’ll help you to choose a suitbale photograph for me to work from. Don’t worry if you aren’t really sure at this point what you want, I have years of experience in advising clients on what makes a good portrait.

As part of my website I’ve put together a brief outline of how to commission a portrait. You’ll find advice on how to take suitable pictures, and information on how the process works from start to finish. Follow the link below to for more information and feel free to get in touch with any questions.